Welcome to Bowes Guitars! Check out the site and feel free to email us at bowesguitars@gmail.com or brian@bowesguitars.com. We’ll be placing all announcements regarding runs on this page in the coming weeks.


September 3, 2015

Hi everyone,

We’ll be displaying some of guitars we’ve built recently at the Luthiery Show at in Burlington Ontario on September 19th. Its become a yearly tradition and there is a host of other luthiers there showing their wares and lots of people to talk guitars with. Come out!

We should have 3 or 4 guitars available for purchase at the show. Alternatively, you can check out to see hundreds of in progress photos, completed guitars and far more frequent announcements. The guitars for sale are also listed on the Facebook site. If you’re interested, just shoot us an email at bowesguitars@gmail.com

The order books were opened for a grand total of 60 minutes before the 2 available slots were spoken for and a 3rd one filled after that. Just wanted to say thanks again for supporting Bowes Guitars!!


June 18, 2015

Hi guys! I’m down to the last 2 actual customer ordered guitars. Not taking orders at this time, but wanted to give you guys a heads up that there will be (hopefully!!) a bunch of one-off Bowes guitars that I’m building for the yearly guitar show at Exotic Woods in Burlington Ontario. The FLEX-8 fanned 8′s, SLx7′s, SFLx7′s, SFLx6′s and an Impulse 5 string fretless bass should all be available in October after the show.

The options are expanding! We recently finished up the CAD for the FLEX-7 fanned 7 string guitars and tested out a few pine blanks. Still some fine tuning to do, but we’re getting there. The Nightbringer body shape will also soon be available on all of the 6 and 7 string models.

Again – HUGE thanks to everyone who supports Bowes Guitars either by visiting the page, checking out the Facebook page (which has WAY more pictures btw!) and of course, owning a Bowes guitar. Being a small operation, seeing the support brings a smile to my face every time. You guys are awesome.



January 27th, 2015
Long overdue update!
Hi guys! Apologies for not having something up here sooner. It’s been a busy 18 months and we’ve been slowly moving the entire operation over to CNC to maintain a consistent and precise product. At this time, the necks, body and fretboards for 8 string fanned fret, 7 string fanned fret and all of the basses are cut 100% by CNC. The 8 string longbow, 6 and 7 string normal scale guitars will soon have their necks rendered on CNC as well.
Once the body, neck and fretboard are cut for your guitar, everything is glued up and the guitar receives the rest of the sanding, fretwork and electronics are all done by hand.
Because we’re moving the necks to CNC, we are able to offer Strandberg’s Enduraneck™ profile as well our own Witch™ neck profile.
I’m down to the last guitar in the queue and at this time there are no guitars in our queue. We’ll be going on a 2-3 month hiatus to finalize the prototypes for the fanned fret 7 string as well as testing the CNC programming for our 6 and 7 string guitars. We will be taking on 2 orders around mid to late March.

Again, thanks for checking out Bowes Guitars and to those past and present owners of a Bowes guitars, thank you.


November 6, 2013

Hello again everyone,

Sorry for the lack of written updates here – we’ve been hammering thru current builds and getting stuff out to people. There will be a bunch of guitars that are being built for stock to be offered out before we start taking more custom orders. We’re currently aiming to take on **3** custom orders starting in January. No more than 3 at a time to make sure that we’re focusing on the customer’s order and not getting crushed with orders that we can’t fill in a proper timeline.

The fanned fret protoypes are coming along and we’re just working out the kinks right now. We’ve established a relationship with Fokin Pickups in Russia to have our pickups custom made to our required 26-28 inch dimensions. Hoping to have the first prototype rolling before the end of the year.

We should also be offering a 4 and 5 string bass model soon. They’ll be headless basses running 30 frets. There are so many different basses out there so doing something different will be the order of the day on these. We’re currently looking at 2014 for the prototype models to start making their appearance.

We’ve had many inquries about different scale lengths other than the 26 inch scale for the 6 and 7 strings. At this time, we do not plan on offering any other scale lengths than those. The other inquiry we’ve had in recent days is about tremolo systems. Some time in 2014 we will be offering Floyd Rose bridges on our 6 and 7 strings. We will also be offering Kahler systems on the 6 string models. The Kahler trem has a very short depth requirement so it can be properly mounted on one of our 1.25 inch thick SFL models without a problem.

Pricing is going to be adjusted soon and new options are going to be put up. For pickups, we’ve picked up a couple of more manufacturers. We can offer Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle, Fokin Pickups and our most recent account, Lundgren Pickups.

Thanks again everyone!



May 18 2013

Hey everyone,

Wanted to say thanks to everyone for picking a guitar from us in the past year! I’m in the process of finishing up the last of the stragglers and I’m hoping to move onto taking more orders on soon.

Wanted to put out there that both 4 and 5 string headless Nightbringer basses will be available on this run as well as 26-28 inch scale 8 string fanned fret SFL – type models called the Flex 8′s. I’ll be building 4 of them on the next batch of guitars and I’ll be posting the specs of them soon.

Couple of changes! Check out the quotes page for all the new information on pricing and available models. We’re also back to having Duncan pickups available! I’ll be getting in a pair of Nazguls to try out soon!

If you’ve got any questions or concerns, email us! :)


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