Here you will find pricing on our custom work, including string, body, hardware and electronic options.
For a custom quote or more information please call or email anytime.

Slimline 6 and 7 string guitars are 1.25 inches thick and Carvetop 6 and 7 guitars are 1.5 inches thick in the center. All 8 string guitars are 1.75 inches thick.
All guitars have scarf jointed headstocks made from the same material as the body wood unless otherwise requested.

All non – fanned guitars come standard equipped with your choice Seymour Duncan pickups. Nordstrand, Lundgren, Bare Knuckle pickups available with an upcharge.

All Fanned Fret (FLEX8) guitars come with Nordstrand Pickups.

Prices do not include cases or shipping. I highly recommend Gator polyurethane cases.

The only oil finishes being offered at this time is Monocoat. That being said, we can send out your guitar to be painted with a solid color and clear coated for a nominal fee.

All guitars feature a threaded output jack, CTS pots and a 12 pole 3 way. At Bowes Guitars, we don’t like tone pots….so we don’t put them in our guitars.

6 string 26 inch scale
SFLx Slimline $2400
SLx Carvetop $2450

7 String 26 inch scale
SFLx Slimline $2450
SLx Carvetop $2500

FLEX8 – 8 String 26 -28 inch scale Fanned Fret
These guitars will feature custom made Nordstrand pickups, ABM single string bridges and Hipshot tuners.
All fretboards are 26 frets, 12 – 26 scalloped, 26 – 28 inch scale.
Flex 8 Carvetop $2850

Longbow: 8 String 30 inch scale
SLx Carvetop $2700

Impulse Basses – Headless
All Impulse basses are based on the Nightbringer shape and feature Hipshot’s headless tuning bridge and headpiece, Seymour Duncan active pickups, 28 frets

4 String Impulse (1 pickup, 33 inch scale) $2500
5 String Impulse (2 pickup, 34 inch scale) $2650
6 String Impulse (2 pickup, 34 inch scale) $2800

All bodies are two piece bodies unless 1 piece can be sourced (may be slight upcharge)  

Body Wood – ash, alder, basswood, mahogany, maple, white limba, purpleheart, walnut, roasted ash

Body Wood Options (woods selected include matching headstock/headstock cap)

Figured/Curly/Quilted/Flamed Maple cap $150
Roasted Figured Maple Cap $150
Roasted Birdseye Maple Cap $150
Burl Maple (SFLx ONLY) $150
Wenge cap $150
Figured walnut cap $150
Black Limba body $150
Zirocote $200
Cocobolo $150
Shedua $100

All necks are 5 piece laminate necks

Neck Wood – roasted figured maple, purpleheart, walnut, mahogany, white limba, walnut, figured maple, birdseye maple, figured massaranduba, roasted maple, roasted birdseye maple

Neck Wood Options
5 piece all wenge neck $115
Wenge stringers $50
5 piece all rosewood neck $125
Rosewood stringers $50
Cocobolo stringers $50
Zirocote stringers $50
Ebony stringers $50
Lacewood stringers $25

All fretboards are 25 frets with scallops from 12 – 25, no exceptions.

Fretboard Wood – maple, birdseye maple, rosewood, lacewood, figured/flamed maple

Fretboard Wood Options (please contact Bowes Guitars if the wood you want is not listed below)
Ebony $50
Zirocote $40
Cocobolo $40
Tulipwood $50
Kingwood $50
Roasted birdseye maple $30
Figured Massaranduba $30
African Blackwood $50

All guitars feature Hipshot Locking tuners and Hipshot fixed bridges.  We will be offering trem systems in the near future.


Hardware Color
Chrome/Black – No charge
Gold $40

Electronic Upgrades
Nordstrand Pickups $150
BareKnuckle Pickups $250
Lundgren Pickups $250
Ghost Piezo System $350

Cases – **ALL** Bowes guitars must ship with a case.
Gator XL Molded ABS Case $100

*Shipping – Please email for an estimate.
*All prices in Canadian dollars.
**Deposits are $600 and are non refundable. No deposits are taken to reserve spots, only to source materials and parts for your build as it starts.

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